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Wedding planning, finding wedding professional, making appointments, the excitement can soon go away.  Take a moment to remember how you felt when you first saw the ring and said “Yes!” Maybe the proposal happened at dinner at a fancy restaurant, a walk down memory lane where you first met, or a holiday.  No matter when or where it took place, that moment was magical.  Your heart filled up with joy and excitement knowing that your fairytale dream was on its way to coming true. Ah, love.

KEEP THAT SMILE ON YOUR FACE!  Blackhawk is here to help!  With years of experience working with MANY wedding service providers and wedding professional, we can help by either guiding you to where to start or WE CAN DO THE PLANNING!  We know everybody has a vision of what they want their planning experience and event to look like, we can put that into action.  Of course we provide a wedding DJ service, but we also can provide many styles live music, including classical guitar while walking down the isle.  Don’t pull out your hair talking to strangers and companies that will only show you their best!  If you would like, Blackhawk would be more than happy to meet with you and discuss your dream wedding and schedule.  We can set up all the appointments for you!  Planning has never been easier.  A coordinator can keep everything organized and you can keep your hair!  Otherwise, here are some of the companies that we recommend from working with them first hand to get you off to a good start!  We will continue to add more!  If there is a service that you are looking for and do not see, have one to recommend or would like to have your company listed, please email us!


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